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Socket Features
  • Advanced® exclusive eutectic solder ball terminals offer superior SMT processing.
  • Uses same footprint as BGA device.
  • Proven long-term performance in vigorous temperature cycling applications - solder ball terminal absorbs CTE mismatch.
  • Closed bottom socket terminal for 100% anti-wicking of solder.
  • Gold contacts allow gold/gold interconnections to male Adapter pins.
  • Low insertion force socket with multi-fingered high reliability Beryllium Copper contacts.
  • Coplanarity consistently under . 006 in. (0.15mm) industry standard.
  • In-house Tape and Reel packaging available.
  Brass; Copper Alloy (C36000)
  Beryllium copper (C17200)
  G - Gold over Nickel
Body Material:
M (1.27mm pitch) - Molded PPS (High Temp. Glass Filled Thermoplastic)U.L rated 94V-0, -60°C to       
     260°C (-76°F to 500°F)
M (1.00mm pitch) - Molded LCP (Hige temp. Glass Filled thermoplastic) U.L Rated 94V-0, -40°C to
     276°C(-40°F to 528°F)
F - FR - 4 Glass Epoxy, U.L rated 94V-0
Solder Ball:
Standard: Eutectic, 63Sn/37Pb,183°C(361°F)
Lead-free: tin/Silver/Copper Alloy, 218°C(424°F)

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